Over the last ten years, Sterlini Productions has performed for its fair share of school assemblies, holiday parties, conventions, corporate open houses, banquets, fund raisers, festivals etc, etc, etc. The following is one of our more eventful and memorable programs.

September 1995, When the Detroit Lions needed something magical that FEW COULD DELIVER, they called on Sterlini Productions.

The Lions wanted an awe inspiring illusion that would metamorphosize their old mascot into their new fiercer, more ferocious model with a bang! We designed, developed, and delivered “The Mascot Exchange”

There were several challenges that faced us. Since the illusion was to take place on the 50 yard line of the Pontiac Silverdome, we had to construct an illusion not only large enough to be seen, but it also had to be visible from all angles.

The first ABC Monday Night Football game of the 1995 season was to air in four days, leaving us with a short deadline to build this custom illusion from scratch (not to mention we would only be allowed 40 seconds to actually pull off the stunt). But we rose to the challenge. If we can do this in 4 days, imagine what we can do in 5 days!

The finished prop stood over 9′ tall and utilized state of the art pyrotechnics, including smoke, sparkle showers and sonic boom.